Rob Farley

Rob Rob Farley has been consulting in IT since completing a Computer Science degree with first class honours in 1997. Before moving to Adelaide, he worked in consultancies in Melbourne and London. He runs the development department in one of Australia's leading IT firms, as well as doing database application consultancy and training. He heads up the Adelaide SQL Server User Group, and holds several Microsoft certifications.

Rob has been involved with Microsoft technologies for most of his career, but has also done significant work with Oracle and Unix systems. His preferred database is SQL Server and his preferred language is C#. Recently he has been involved with Microsoft Learning in the US, creating and reviewing new content for the next generation of Microsoft exams.

Over the years, Rob's clients have included BP Oil, OneLink Transit, Accenture, Avanade, Australian Electorial Commission, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, the Royal Borough of Kingston, Help The Aged, Unisys, Department of Treasury and Finance (Vic), National Mutual, the Bible Society and others.

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20 April 2006

SP1 out is the place to go...

18 April 2006

SQL2005 SP1

Seems SQL2005 SP1 (RTM) will become available on Wednesday April 19th. But that's US time. Keep your eye on - it's bound to get mentioned there.

13 April 2006

Geoff Orr - what a legend!

Geoff Orr spoke at the Adelaide SQL Server User Group today. He did a great job too! Made a talk about backups really quite interesting.

Lots of people have asked about the scripts he used in the talk, so I've uploaded them to for your downloading pleasure. Good luck with your presentation at Code Camp, Geoff. :)

12 April 2006

My time away

I've had a bunch of people ask me how Seattle was. Apparently Seattle is famous for its rain. I know England is too. But I didn't get rained on the whole time I was away.

Seattle was pretty cool, but I'm convinced I went the wrong way around the world. Pacific Time was only 5.5 hours different to Adelaide (before Daylight Savings changed, and with a day thrown in there for fun). But in the evenings, it would feel like the afternoon. So midnight would come and go, and my body would be thinking it wasn't supposed to be up yet. Then morning would come, and I'd be like a teenager and want to sleep until noon.

So I didn't see fish fly, because I wasn't awake at the right times. But I did do other tourist stuff there, until my meetings started - forcing me to get up early. But they were good, and I got to meet a bunch of cool people (Scott, Bryan, Erick, Julian, Alberto, Lars and Fannie plus Microsoft people Greg, Jennifer, Julie and Glennie).

So then coming back to Adelaide, I had a stopover in the UK for a week. Got to catch up with family, friends and Arsenal. :) The score was 5-0, which made it a very nice match to watch. It was great to be at Highbury for one of the last matches there. Many thanks to Jeremy for the opportunity.

London is continuing to improve, I think. They're doing nice things down on the river at Wapping. PaterNoster Square near St Paul's is quite nice too, although not as nice as many of the other squares, like Trafalgar or Leicester.

Back in Adelaide - not going to Wagga though

I'm back in Adelaide again. I actually arrived back on Monday, but spent half the day asleep. Then yesterday I was trying to catch up with everything (along with aching from jet-lag). Now today, I feel like things are getting back to normal. Just in time for AdSSUG tomorrow (Geoff Orr's speaking - it'll be great), and then Easter.

I won't be at ADNUG tonight - school concert on, featuring Samuel on saxophone. And I won't be at CodeCampOz next weekend either. Having been away for a while, family time is coming first. Shame really, but that's fine - there will be other events.